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3 Benefits of Reiki Training

1. Use Reiki for self-healing

  • The most important aspect of Reiki is self-healing.

  • An act of love to give yourself every day.

  • Works holistically-supports physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual self- healing.

  • Dislodge and clear negativity blocks within your energetic system.

  • Rid you of years of blocked and stagnant energy.

  • Feel better than you have ever felt before!

2. Become "attuned" to Reiki

  • Attune to your own life-force energy for healing.

  • Attune to the unique energetic vibrations of the Reiki spiritual healing energy.

  • Indefinitely access to the power of the Reiki energy to use it for self- healing or for others.

3. Heal personal problems 

Whatever kind of problems you are having, from strained relationships with your partner or family to difficulties at work or with studying, you can use Reiki to help to permeate the situation with healing.  

 Reiki can be used:

  • On your hopes and dreams

  • With affirmations

  • For personal growth and spiritual development

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