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Use your your energy wisely while quarantined...your family's lives depend on it

As a mental health therapist during these "COVID" times, I've heard from more than one client how the quarantine has added another layer of stress to the mix. While being quarantined can absolutely be used as a means of re-calibrating and taking a break of sorts, if you have a family, you have to be very strategic about how you distribute your energetic resources.

As I offer my clients tools and ideas to get through this mandatory "vacation" for some, I also offer them here.

1. Develop a routine, a daily plan-even a loose one.

As soon as possible create some kind of flow of operations for your family, this provides some sense of stability and knowingness, at a time when news, rules/guidelines, and closures are constantly changing this can be the engine that keeps everything running smoothly.

2. Engage in some kind of physical activity daily.

As mentioned before, in using this time for a break, you could potentially fall into a lull and not quite be able to get out. Staying physically active can have major benefits in helping you maintain your sanity during this. You don't have to have equipment at home, do push-ups, sit-ups, yoga, jog in place! Just move. Not only will the physical activity ward off extra pounds, it will also keep your family safe because "happy juices" are released in your brain and you'll be more level-headed and patient.

3. Don't forget about pleasant activities

There's a certain level of angst and worry that comes with all that is going on right now, but keep your mind busy and somewhat distracted by still devoting some energy to fun and/or pleasant experiences. Making a list as a family of your favorite indoor activities may be a great start. Taking a look at lists online, like the pleasant activities list and putting a check mark next to the activities that you have interest in. When it's time for activities (according to your nifty routine-see #1) pull out your list and choose something from it. The goal is to simply leave some energy for something enjoyable to you and your family.

*So, the pleasant activities list is full of activities that require you to leave your home. I challenge you to get creative, think outside of the box. Instead of going to a museum, maybe come up with a time period or certain type of art and research it or flip through images online.

4. Practice mindfulness frequently

I've recommended a lot of doing thus far, but it is important to just "be" as well. Now more than ever, training your brain to STOP even for a few seconds can have major benefits in helping you get through this with your sanity. Be sure to include some time for mindfulness in your routine. The healing community has really stepped up during these times, many yoga studios still offer their same class schedule through online classes, check out Pranava Yoga Center for their schedule. There are meditation and mindfulness apps like Calm and Headspace offering discounts. You can also just simply...breathe, no class, no app. Commit to taking a pause each morning when you wake up and each night before you go to bed. Practicing gratitude also falls under mindfulness. With all the changes, cancellations, financial upheaval, and uncertainty of the future, gratitude can seem difficult right now and search for it anyway. Each day, think of at least 3 things you're grateful for.

Certainly not exhaustive, but something to get you started. Hope this helps lovelies.

Tosha Thomas Kessell is a Licensed Professional Counselor and a strong believer in the power of mindfulness and the mind-body approach. Tosha uses yoga, meditation, guided imagery, and breathing techniques as a foundation of her therapeutic work.

Tosha also offers energy healing as a Master Reiki Practitioner, her mission is to help busy women take a break from the noise of day-to-day life. Learn more about Reiki energy healing and Prasada Holistic Healing at


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