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You mean I can have a Reiki session done without leaving my house?

That's right the same Reiki techniques and hand placements used in a traditional Reiki session can be performed long-distance by your practitioner (that's me in this case!).

Sounds "woo-woo", how does it work?

Reiki as a spiritual energy, operates at a higher and faster vibration than the Ki (life force energy) that is present in the physical body, so it is able to move through all parts of the human energy field to break through energetic blockages and promote healing. Because Reiki is energy and energy is all around us, the flow of this energy can reach across geographic planes as well.  The energy reaches its destination instantaneously, through Reiki techniques that bring all time and all space into the here and now, so it is as if hands have been placed on you and the Reiki energy is "turned on" and starts to flow.  The source of this high spiritual energy can be described in various ways, depending on your beliefs or comfortability- God, the Source, the Universe - or you can think of it as part of your Soul or Spirit or Higher Self that you can access to help you.

What will a distant healing session be like?

  • We work together to schedule a time that is convenient for you.

  • At your appointment time, you'll be asked to lie down or sit comfortably in a private, quiet space.

  • Your practitioner will perform a traditional session on you, just from far away.

  • Viola! You feel a very deep state of relaxation, which allows physical, mental or emotional stress to leave the body, reestablishing equilibrium and a feeling of well-being.

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